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Ukrainian sponsorship scheme announced

Update: The Times reported that the £350 per month payable will not be counted by any benefits, housing benefit, council tax benefit or impact on single person reduction on council tax. Sponsors will not be compelled to offer food and other living expenses.

Refugees will be given access to benefits, education and healthcare, although they will not be able to access the housing benefit element of universal credit


The Government announced the Ukrainian Sponsorship scheme yesterday (Sunday) and published its website with information on registration.


Whilst we absolutely  welcome this there are a lot of unanswered questions primarily the effect of the £350 per month on benefits,  council tax discounts, impact on mortgage lending terms , leases, issues around overcrowding as children get older. Whilst we suspect that enforcers will use a very light touch around these issues the financial aspects need to be crystal clear.

We will seek further clarification


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